yesterday. was a stressfull and chaotic day.

at 14 o’clock was my meeting.
but first… my mum want to check out some rooms to sell her stuff. wasn’t bad. the loction was ca. 15min away from naketano. at 13 o’clock we drove further to search the street where naketano is. it was big luck, that we start at 13 o’clock, ’cause we needed an hour to find it. really. no joke.
the meeting was nice.
get some stuff for inspiration and to know what they like.
for my first stuff i’ve 2 weeks. hope it works!

after this we were at ikea. look around and bought some bric-à-brac.

at 17 o’clock we’d another meeting. unemployed briefing. because we’ve a lot stress with “employment agency” at the moment. terrible. but when my study begins i’m rid of them.