i saw this site today and have to smile a bit. it’s kind of intense. haha. cute in a way…

what it is…

It’s a web site to help you create games you can play with your girlfriend or wife.

On her special day you normally give her a sweater and a cookbook. That’s what she’s expecting from you because you’re a guy. So you give her the gifts, she unwraps them then gives you a hug and thanks.

Wouldn’t it be better to turn your gifting experience into something special? Something she won’t forget? Something that she’ll be telling her friends about?

We’ve created 2 games (so far) to help you give her those gifts in a fun and meaningful way. The games we’re going to teach you are fun for both of you to play (you get to participate too), and we show you the best way to include experiences from your relationship into the game.

Each game takes between 1 and 2 hours to prepare (plus shopping time for supplies, if required), depending on what you want to include. Also, there are game variations which allow you to play the same game over and over to keep things fresh for her.

check it out for more…. haha.. or not ;)