yeeaah. have a good chance to work for les ettes. if their brand grows. that’s awesome. we’ll see :D *yeeahh*yeaahh*yeeahhh*dance*hihi* sorry. grown again.

also i work on my naketano logo-illustrations. it isn’t easy. can’t concentrate at the moment. also i need to digitalise my drawings for them. hmmm. have to work a lot today and tomorrow.

but have to go to the fucking t-mobile-online-phone-shop. cause still can’t call anyone… with the iphone. from my old phone i can call – without problems. and i don’t know what it is. i don’t want to send in my iphone again -_-

also i start to clean up my wardrobe. fling away all my old clothes yesterday. two big bags full. now i have to put the whole stuff back. hmm. the rest of them. a lot of room for new. haha.

need to work on my postcards again.

ahhhhh. i have to go ;)