BitchBoards® is a new and revolutionary company focusing exclusively on the creation of highly functional and fashionable ‘boards for bitches’. We’re not talking about awkward and heavy men’s boards with butterflies and daisies slapped on top. We are also not talking about ‘chick-sized’ boards with a dash of pink across the surface, hiding weak and cheap manufacturing. We’re talking about high-quality, Bitchin’ boards for the bad ass babes out there who demand a sense of style separating the girls from the women.

Because of the outright negligence of the snowboarding industry to provide stylish snowboards for women, company founder and snowboarding enthusiast Alex Masterson decided to quit her bitchin’ and do something about it! Thus BitchBoards® was created. By dedicating the design process to understanding the actual needs and desires of the female boarder, female riders no longer have to sacrifice style on the slopes.

Each BitchBoards® design encompasses a distinctly feminine aesthetic, without succumbing to the ‘girly’ and the ‘cute-sie’ stereotypes that most women’s boards portray. Masterson takes high-resolution photographs of nature’s beauty as the benchmark for the fierce sophistication women riders have been craving.