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Annette Pehrsson

my boyfriend posted about this person from sweden.
in a way – amazing and unique work.
a lot of selfportraits.


here is my daily found :)

a site where pics are sorted by color. looks really nice :)
here a small selection how it looks like.
created by

Kevin Lynch Photography

on my daily way through the worldwideweb i saw the pictures of kirsten dunst.
taken by kevin lynch.

missing a board under my feet …

.. and playin with snow <3
and for that reason some snowboardvideos + pictures :)

Pirate Log – Riding Pow USA

What A Life by Family Tree

I’m Here, Out There by Video Wizards

White lies & French fries is the quite alright productions 2009 project.

Stereotactic Russian Snowboard Teaser

Black Winter – Standard Films

also i found a snowboard blog… check it out.


tune of the day:


some inspirations

some random illustrations, photos and drawings.
i found also a really good artist from new mills, united kingdom.
see his work here -> loveandsqualor

be back soon

hee my sweeties

still in france and I like it…
a bit hard cuz I forget everything about french ;( damn.

but I’ll be back in one week with a lot of news, inspirations and – of course – alot of pics :D

here a few pics right now :)

tune of the day:

small update

just added some new links in my blogroll :)